Our Team

Yogacharya Vikash Bisht

Meet our Yoga teacher Vikash Bisht. He was born in the picturesque hill town of Rishikesh in the Year 1982. Just at an age of 16, he discovered his interest towards Yoga. At the very young. age, he gained a lot of recognition due to his teaching of the hatha Yoga, while regularly attending the acupressure, naturopathy, intensive courses and Yoga therapy classes.

His great passion towards yoga Teaching and aesthetic way of life turned his towards devoutness, self analysis. & meditation
After wards, he escalated hi insights of correcting & assisting Yoga students under the guidance of several Yogis

He is a deeply experienced & extensively qualified Yoga practitioner, who loves to embody and impart the highest standards and ethics of training to his students. He has been teaching 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours Yoga teacher training (YTT) for a number of years and also  regularly conducting classes, seminars in India and other parts of the globe

Yogi Yogendra Mishra is a senior Yoga Master at Rishikesh Yoga home he has got more than 30 Years of experience in  yoga teachings He holds a master degree in Philosophy from Agra university & a degree in physical education science form Amravati university. He has also participated in various yoga research projects related to benefits associated with yoga. On special invitation, he has visited many countries across the globe such as Japan , Canada , Russia , Germany and USA to teach yoga and share his yogic wisdom and experiences. People remember him as a great human being and a compassionate yoga master. We are honored to take him as a part of teaching panel of Rishikesh yoga home..

He visited U.S. several times between 2007- 2017.He has contributed in spreading the awareness about yoga in the life of the U.S. people.

He has visited Canada in 2008, 2009 and 2013.he has conducted many seminars and yoga retreat classes there. He has also telecasted many Radio and Television shows in Canada

He has also visited the U.K. He acted as a Motivational Speaker in several International Seminars. He is a Pioneer, founder and promoter of Yoga globally.

He visited Japan in 2007, 2011 and 2012.He was instrumental in promoting Yoga in Japan. He has innovated several Yoga Techniques

He has visited many countries of Europe like Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan from 1998 till now many times. He has helped in spreading the yoga awareness and consciousness in all of them. He is truly an unparalleled master of yoga. A Yoga teacher beyond comparison.

At present he is living in the region of Himalayas at Tapovan, Tehri Garhwal, Rishikesh , Uttarakhand, India

Yogi Yogendra Mishra

Yogi Deepak Bisht

Born in the mystical valleys of the Himalayas one cannot resist the call of spirituality. Deepak Bisht born and raised by the Ganges of Uttrakand has always had a strong inclination towards seeking the higher reality of life. He had completed his BA Degree in arts and furthered his Master’s Degree in Yoga from the Gharwal University of Uttrakhandh

His interest in Yoga grew stronger after watching Baba Ramdev. He then moved to Rishikesh the Yoga city of the world today to pursue his interest in the subject of Yoga.

He joined the Nada Yoga team in Rishikesh, a leading school of Yoga in Rishikesh as a under study and also as one of the teachers.

His interest grew deeper after meeting Shri Parveen Nair a Yoga and Advaita teacher under whom he now continues to study and take guidance from.

Deepak is known for his ability to provide authentic understanding of Yoga and believes in a systematic approach to the practice of asanas and pranayamas. His dedication to yoga has brought him to conducted several yoga teachers training programs in Rishikesh successfully.

Yogacharya Deepak Bisht has over 5 years of teaching experience running students through the Yoga Teacher Training process over and over, this has giving him a strong skill at managing people through to RYT certification process.

He is trained in shatkarma, pranayama and yogasana with deeper understanding of body alignment and adjustment.

Deepak teaches with special attention on body alignment and adjustment and always emphasizing on subtle breathing along with deep practice and he is an excellent teacher to give basic comprehension of how body should work in each pose.

Humble, modest and very competent in yoga asana, Deepak possesses all the qualities of a true teacher of yoga.

Deepak strongly believes that the practice of yoga eliminates our ego and impurities and provides a path towards wisdom and humanity. “The more we practice yoga, the more we realize how much more we still need to learn”.

Lindsay Amrit Tera

Lindsay Amrit Tera is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor from the United States. She loves teaching and sharing the healing power of yoga with others. She is currently undergoing Level 2 training and recently studied Conscious Communication and Authentic Relationships under renowned teachers Gurmukh and Gurushabd in Rishikesh, India.

She earned her Level 1 teaching certification under Siri Marka Khalsa, Dharam Dev, and Jap Dharam Rose in Los Angeles where she currently resides. Lindsay’s deep passion for yoga began while attending a workshop in Big Sur with legendary recovery expert Tommy Rosen. She fell in love with the act and art of chanting mantra, the calming effects of pranayama, and the total union with self she felt in asana and meditation on the yoga mat.

Lindsay Amrit Tera has trained with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling in a Yoga, Purpose and Action Leadership Intensive. This training focuses on how yogis and yoginis can take their practice off the mat, into the world, to make it a better place with more peace and justice for all sentient beings. Lindsay is deeply committed to building community and creating safe and sacred space for people to connect, heal and explore the magic of group consciousness.

Lindsay Amrit Tera is a certified reiki practitioner, intuitive and energy worker who has trained and studied with Rev. Esther Jenkins and Brian Kukan. At present, she is undergoing an apprenticeship with the esteemed Cyndi Dale. Lindsay was born in the mountains of Virginia in the US, as such, she’s an avid hiker and nature-lover. She enjoys giving nature tours and guided walking meditations in the great outdoors.

Lindsay is a stand-up comedian, writer and producer in Los Angeles. She received her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts (MFA) in Producing from the American Film Institute Conservatory. She’s worked on movies and TV shows such as GRACE AND FRANKIE, BROOKLYN99, GET OUT, and MODERN FAMILY.

Meet our Yogi Mohan a well Qualified and competent Yoga teacher with a experienced skill in Hatha Yoga, Shivananda Yoga, Raj Yoga, Acupressure & nephropathy.

His professionalism has made him successful in the field of conducting 200, 300 & 500 hours yoga teacher training in India.

He started his yoga learning when he was just 15. He is much regular in participating the seminars and Yoga festival being conducted all over the world.

His deep understandings on body alignments and  asanas  helps him a lot to give basic comprehension over human body.

You will find his classes amalgamation of professionalism, competence, strictness with considerate softness and good sense of humor, which makes his training sessions extremely effective and enthusiastically balanced. He is a passionate teacher with zeal to discover something new in each & every student.

He is a professional Yoga teacher at the same time a motivator with fun loving human being.

Yogi Mohan

Dr. Pooja Gangwar

A determined, dignified and self-motivated lady. In her childhood she was brought up in and between nature which she inherited and carved herself to be an Ayurveda and Panckarma Expert.

Today, She has carved herself as a gem in the society and has establish her job at a challenging career, contributing to the growth of the industry. Dr. Pooja Gangwar is a Ayurveda doctor specialist in Panchkarma & Naturopathy. Additionally she is a Ayurveda consultant about life and food qualified Ayurveda doctor, B.A.M.S Ayurveda degree college from Rishikul state & Ayurvedic P.G.College, Haridwar affiliated from Garhwal University.

She is providing her services in the field of ayurveda medicines panchkarma for past 7 years maintaining health checkups regularizing patients with ayurveda medicines achintya ayurveda also provide different medicinal therapy of incurable diseases which is not possible in modern medicine now a days

Meet Maneesh Kothari, Our Yogi of spiritual & multi – style Yoga expert. He was introduced to the field of spirituality at a tender age. He has been delivering series of lectures on Integrated Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Anatomy. In the last 7 years he has conducted many camps and seminars on Bhagavad Gita and removing miseries to improve way of living.

Maneesh Kothari

Yogini Richa Mishra

The well experienced and exposed Yogini with the skills of Basic Hatha & Ahtanga Yoga. She is also well trained in Core Yoga & Hatha Flow. Since her childhood, he has dedicated his life towards the spirituality and Yogic life. She is truly blessed with her talent of Yoga in her life. She has been doing this for a long time. Her knowledge has given a chance to share her Yoga Experience to several Yoga lovers in different parts of Country.

Yogi Shailendra Rana is a qualified experienced Hatha-Yoga and Pranayama instructor at RISHIKESH YOGA HOME. He was born in a spiritual family in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. He began his yoga journey in the lap of Himalayas from multiple Yoga Schools in Rishikesh. His Dedication towards Yoga made him move towards the deep learning of Yoga. He initiated himself into the path of Yoga and Meditation.

Yogi Shailendra Rana

Dr. Pankaj Kumar (B.N.Y.S)

( Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences)
Diploma in Panchakarma Therapies
Work profile-Founder of Samatvam wellness & healing center, Director@ JYIC vedic retreat)
A Naturopathy & Yoga expert with 12 years experience of Holistic approach in Planning & executing Body Detoxification & Stress Management Program with Life Style Modification for better Health & Cure.He treats his patients with the scientific knowledge and clinical experience. His goal is to minimize the use of prescription drugs to reduce strain on the body and to avoid side effects. It’s an entire holistic approach to treat physical symptoms as well as mental well being. He integrates body and mind by lifestyle consultation, craniosacral therapy, and nutrition for patients with pain and other physical symptoms.
In past years managed many Wellness & Healing Center & hospitals in powered by Naturopathy & Yoga principles.
Been a part of Academics training for Yoga Teacher Training course / Therpaist Training Course for Naturopathy or Ayurveda under Govt. projects.He has taken initiative to promote yoga , ayurveda and naturopathy among people

Ms. Shweta(Education- MSc biotechnology,
Work profile- Director @ JYIC, Life skill and entrepreneurshill skill trainer
Ms. Shweta is proactive academician, administrator and social worker who sets high standards for herself and for organization as a whole.
With her ten years of expertization she handles business analysis, implementating business strategies, plan and practices as per requirements, curriculum development and public speaking . Develop and leverages internal and external partnership and network to maintain the achievement of business goals.
In association with NGOs she promotes women empowerment, child education and holistic wellness. Inspired by her mother’s vision,she started organizing different events and workshops to promote holistic approach to balance mind, body and soul. Because she believes we can achieve anything with a perfect balance of mind, body and soul.

Mrs. Shweta (M.Sc Biotechnology)

Mr. Sankalp Sadh

Sankalp Sadh was born in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh India. He began his serious practice of yoga at a young age, studying at the Morarji Desai Natinal Institute of Yoga. After earning Yoga Instructor Course’s Certificate at Bapu Nature Cure Hospital and Yogashram in Delhi, then he started to teach in Delhi. Sankalp Sadh is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in with Yoga Alliance. Also he has completed 60 hours Advance Trainer Traning Course in Yogasana with Anubhuti Yoga Delhi. He also workes as a Ayurveda consultant and thearpist along with his Yoga Teachinings.

Sankalp Sadh’s traditional Vedic Yoga studies include Hatha Yoga, Kriya yoga, Shatkarma, yogic philosophy, nutrition, detoxification, naturopathy, yogic management of common disorders, and Ayurveda.

Sankalp has held yoga classes, workshops, retreats as well as Yoga Teacher training in Delhi and outside.

Sankalp’s passion is his desire for students to experience rather than simply study yoga. He does not set out to impress; his aim is to pass on the ways in which genuine seekers of peace and tranquility can achieve this much-sought after goal, through determination and dedicated practice. He tells his students that when you practice Yoga you have time to explore and get in tune with your body. You can feel when to stop and when to move into a posture. This non-competitive nature of yoga is what makes yoga different from any other form of exercise. His teachings are integrated from his own personal experience and communing with sages and gurus whose knowledge has been passed down through generations from the traditional Vedic scriptures.

Sankalp does not practice or teach one specific style of yoga; rather, he focuses on the traditional practice of Vedic yoga which encompasses a holistic approach, combining the many different aspects of yoga, all of which aim to help students achieve the capacity to attain stillness and peace. His main focus in his teaching is the methodology of making us aware of our inner spiritual roots and how to reach them.

Sankalp’s teachings are also devotionally oriented, educating us in learning how to serve, love and surrender – three characteristics of a truly yogic lifestyle.